We Treasure Our Willamette Riverfront

We are Connected to the River
The Willamette River is the shining gem of the greater Eugene area. This living artery of our landscape winds along 187 miles from the Cascade Mountains to the Columbia River and then to the Pacific Ocean. Along its route it pumps life to our valley: in the form of Salmon [...]

Oregon Research Institute – Not on our Riverfront!

Oregon Research Institute Turns its Back to the River
Let it be known: The Oregon Research Institute is a wonderful organization and an asset to the Eugene community and the University of Oregon. However, the current direction taken by the ORI management and board of directors – in insisting that the riverfront is the only place [...]

A Private Office Complex on the Riverfront

A Private Office Complex on the Riverfront
The Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for the Riverfront Research Park was approved by the City of Eugene in 1989, 21 years ago. This suburban-style private office complex, which was highly contentious in 1989, was approved with minimal public input in the planning process. As approved by the City of [...]

Alternate Construction Sites Are Available

Alternate Sites Exist for the Proposed ORI building.
The polarizing ORI development north of the Railroad tracks can be avoided. With intense opposition to riverfront development by both citizens of Eugene and the students and faculty of the University of Oregon, it is clearly in the Oregon Research Institute’s best interest to find a suitable alternative [...]

Eugene Has A Greater Vision

Today, throughout our nation and around the world cities are replacing crumbling waterfront infrastructure with attractive public places. From shops to parks, From amphitheaters to wildlife habitat a viewing areas, a greater vision is possible.
Luckily, here in Eugene there are some stretches of the Willamette River that are already public land.  All we have to [...]

We are Connecting Eugene

Welcome to our site.  We care about the Willamette River and we care about it’s intertwining history and future with the people of Eugene and Springfield. We share a vision of open space and civic space, of wildlife and pedestrian corridor along the banks of the Willamette River. We have a vision of connectedness between [...]

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