And Then I…

My 25k review the other day was fairly generic, in that I talked about the experience as a whole, but not how it affected me personally. So here it is.
One of my ideal outcomes for this race was to finish it in less than 4:30 so I could qualify for Hyner 50k in the spring. Which I did, and that’s cool and all, but part of me is really questioning why that was important to me.

Sometimes my ego when it comes to athletic challenges is a thorn in my side. I know I can do something, so therefore I do it. Still, that doesn’t mean I excel at it, or even train really hard and do my best. It means I show up.

Although I’m not taking the ultra idea completely off the table, part of me wants to just train appropriately and ride out the 25k for a little while. I haven’t run a race in a long time that left me feeling inspired, motivated, and just overall enthused about the experience. That was my takeaway from Green Monster.

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Christmas 2016

I´m not religious. I don’t really mind if there´s a God. Officially, I don’t celebrate Christmas. But, probably 99% of the people I know do, so I always end up in a Christmas party, with or without presents.

Luísa only had 4 Christmas in her life, 2 of which she went to bed at her usual 6 pm time and me at 9 pm. The other two, we had dinner with people and not any exchange of presents or Christmas tree or typical Christmas tree or climate. But a lot of the human exchange that it´s so amazing.

I don’t even talk about the subject with her (Christmas), it kind of doesn’t exist for us.

Only that it does. The 24th, we will be working at a volunteer lunch as usual. Only that this Saturday it will be a special dinner with maybe more than 100 people and everyone receiving presents. Luísa will take a present and receive one, it might be the first she relates to the word ¨Christmas¨ (although she probably received presents at Christmas before from her grandma) .

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Earth Day Sixteen Years Later

Back in 2000 I was a young mother at home with two very small children. Harrow-smiths latest issue was all about garbage and ways that households like mine could strive not to have any garbage. One of the articles suggested a book called the Canadian Green Consumer Guide for further reading.

The book introduced me to the concept of reduce reuse recycle. Reducing is the easiest and the best way to save resources because it doesn’t cost anything. Reusing something for another purpose, ie that glass jar you bought full of pickles can now be used to store rice, is second best because you will use a bit of energy, hot water and soap to clean the glass jar. Recycling should be our last resort because it takes the most energy to make that empty plastic coke bottle into a polecat sweater.

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Green Roots

greenschools_a_0Roots Canada Ltd. is in it for the long haul. Co-founded in 1973 by Michael Budman and Don Green, Roots emerged just a little more than a decade after the publishing of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring-a book that heralded a new ecological awareness. Thus, the company was age mate with the environmental movement, and it held priorities accordingly.

A leading retailer of apparel and accessories (from athletic to fun casual dress), Roots has grown with the times and our changing concerns. For example, in 1989 they began to incorporate organic cotton into their Nowadays product line, and their new Roots Green collection features sustainable fibers such as bamboo, hemp, and soy.

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Green Building Myths

Green Building Myths – Fact and Fiction

download (19)– The Big Green Home Myth and The Real Green Revolution – How to Separate Fact from Fiction
We can find more and more marketing hype (Fiction) and quite a lot of good stuff (Facts) out there as a result of the current interest in Green Homes by consumers.

Some years ago, when we brought up how energy-efficient or maintenance-free our homes were, nobody seemed to care and it looked like everybody kind of tuned us out. These days they are paying much more attention when we inform them about all the fantastic things we could do to make their home more energy-efficient and reduce their operating and maintenance costs.

The trouble is that these days everyone seems to have jumped on the Green Building Band Wagon, and that it is getting harder to separate Facts from Fiction. Facts: all the good things that will seriously make your home more energy-efficient and save you a lot of money. Fiction: the marketing hype that only wants to get your buck and does not care for your return on investment.

– Do not believe everything you read or see on TV – Windows

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Stop, Pause, and Reflect

It’s almost December already and I’m trying to figure out where my year has went. It sucks that even now, at the end, I can only pick out a few highlights of my year. I don’t want to go into detail, but this is just a short list.

1. I managed to be a bit more social which was last years resolution. I still don’t go out that much but I’m making progress. I realized I’ve missed out on a lot of things and that living a life, is life.

2. Kept my word. Okay, for the most part, when I said I was going to do something, I did in fact do it. And that I’m proud of. Maybe the procrastination stuck around, but things got done.

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The Biggest “Value” in Value Investing…

By far, the biggest value that “value” investing has is that it’s principles can be applied – successfully – to a broad range of asset classes. It’s a mental and emotional framework that provides a recipe for success.

To some this may be a “duh” moment.

However, the reason I bring this up is that many investors pigeon-hole themselves into only publicly traded common stocks with value investing and ignore potentially fantastic returns in other assets. If you were to look at the portfolio of Baupost Group manager Seth Klarman, you would probably see a broad array of assets, some of which would probably leave you scratching your head a bit. But the mental framework is being applied.

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The G20 Summit Visits Pittsburgh

So this week is one of those rare moments when us Yinzers become a spotlight in the world because they are hosting the G20 Summit here in the great city of Pittsburgh. People have been preparing this for weeks – businesses and schools are closing – it’s a pretty big deal here. The G20 Summit is when all of the world’s leaders meet to discuss their plans and the topic of discussion will mostly be on a green economy.

Today, some stupid protesters were arrested for dangling themselves off the West End Bridge:

My husband drove right past these idiots today. And you look at this picture from the LA Times and can’t help but question what these people are thinking or what they’re really trying to achieve. Is this peaceful? Does this accomplish anything?

Anyways, I get too mad thinking about this to really write anything that’s not going to offend anyone, so instead I’ve decided to create a short little guide for all of our visitors we are welcoming into the city this week.

Here are some things you need to know if you will be visiting Pittsburgh this week:

1. The majority of Yinzers I’ve talked to would love it if the world actually warmed up. It was -20 degrees here all last winter. Most of us were wearing sweaters this summer. Bring on the global warming, please!! Carbon Credits? Yeah, we’ll trade you a beer for a kielbasi at the next Steeler’s game if that sounds good to you.

2. Speaking of football, for your own personal safety, please do not wear your home team’s football jersey while visiting. Wearing anything besides Black & Gold may result in accidental injury or harm to you and your loved ones. We take football seriously here. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

3. I will predict that few violent outbreaks will be because of protester’s signs or causes or messages. Any possible violence will most likely occur because residents in the city of Pittsburgh have been detoured not only from construction for the past 20??+ years, but also because we now must detour even further so yinz can all hang out here.

4. We like to go fishing and boating in our rivers. That means we don’t want our fishing lines and hooks to be caught up in your banners you are dangling over our river, nor do we want anything to accidentally drop into it that would actually pollute it from your protesting efforts.

5. Our friends, family, and many residents here have fought and are currently fighting for you all over the world so you can have the right and the freedom to protest and share your viewpoints here. Please show a little respect to our city and to the people who have supported and your freedom.

6. We love our city and you better not f*** with it or any of us while you’re here.

Well, I’m going to bed tonight seriously wondering if I should perhaps evacuate somewhere else for a few days…but I think it should all be fine and most of us can’t wait for this to be over.

If you’re in Pittsburgh or from Pittsburgh, I want to hear from you about it and your thoughts on the whole G20 shebang – and feel free to share any of your thoughts and comments on this whole thing even if you’re not a Yinzer native.

What is happening with me. I’m getting life! Update

I apologize profusely that I have not been writing regularly. I’ve been feeling very blocked lately and it’s been something of an effort to even write in my personal blog and I’m not doing very well with that either. Hopefully the logjam will be removed soon.

Health issues
I still have no self-control about what I eat. OK, that’s not entirely true. I have some control, but not enough. Some days I keep my eating fairly low-carb, and others I don’t. It doesn’t help that I feel like I’m being sort of swept along with someone else’s day, like I live only to wait until they get off work and then according to their dictates. Even my grocery shopping hinges entirely on them and I’m kind of sick of it. But this is one of those aggravations I just have to live with for now, and I don’t think it entirely explains why I can’t seem to stay on plan, even a half-asses plan.

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